Monday, 3 June 2013

Sasi's Thai is based in the centre of Oxford, and offers first class of Thai cuisine services. If you are looking for a perfect stop for your enjoyable spicy Thai meals where as well you can purchase the take away cooked meals or the Thai products and ingredients for simply home cooking. Also, if, celebrating a birthday party or a special anniversary, or if you would like to host your conference guests (and impress them), why not let Sasi cater for you? Our extensive menu offers a wide variety of authentic Thai dishes. If you would like to learn how to cook Thai meals, Sasi can also help you. Therefore, we are looking forward to seeing you soon. "SASI'S THAI: The Thai Shop The Thai Food The Thai Service"

Oyster with spicy and sweet chilli sauce

Pad Thai

Spicy Beef Salad

   Chicken and cashew nut

Tom Yum King Prawns

Papaya Salad/ตำลาวจำลาย

BBQ chicken with spicy and sweet chilli sauce

Thai fish cake

Fried fish with tamarind sauce

Labb Salmon

Thai spicy sausage

Fried mussels

Sasi's Thai Garlic Pork Special

BBQ squid with spicy sauce

Crying Tiger

Sasi's Thai Spicy Sausage(s)

Garlic Pork

Fried fish with ginger

Chicken Satay

Sasi's Thai Spicy Pork

Noodle Soup (with Chicken or Beef)

Red curry beef with pumpkin

Yellow chicken curry

Sweet and sour pork/หมูผัดเปรี้ยวหวาน

Spring rolls

Sasi's Thai Spicy Bamboo Salad

Sasi's Thai Papaya Salad With Prawns

Sasi's Thai Spicy Rice Noodles/ขนมจีนน้ำยา

Sasi's Thai Rice Noodles Special With Sweet Coconut Spice/หมี่กระทิ

Sasi's Thai Daily Special Dish(s)